The Foundation

MMC was founded in 2014, by a small group of guys with extensive knowledge in various aspects of the fitness industry.

The Mission

Our Mission, To bring education, motivation, and inspiration to fitness enthusiasts and athletes worldwide.

The Vision

Our Vision, To provide a platform to elevate the mindset of any individual living this lifestyle to help them realize that impossible doesn't exist.


MMC offers a wide variety of training. Personal, Performance, and Competition. 


Our apparel line represents the lifestyle in which we live.  From the gymlife, to sportswear, and even streetwear we have you covered.  


The Grind

Back & Triceps ft-

Darryl Jones

Gary Howell



Mind Muscle Connection provides a platform for linking everyone from novice to competitor in the health and fitness industry as well as athletes in the world of competitive sports.

Our belief is that the formula for success in any industry especially that of fitness and performance is comprised of unwavering Dedication, Determination, Discipline, Persevarance, and Faith.

With a strong foundation of these characteristics we are able to stand strong: Mind, Body, and Soul.  Be apart of the epic movement and join us on our mission to change the world one person at a time.